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By Lights FC Communications, 03/05/20, 10:30AM PST


Las Vegas Lights FC to Allow Highest Bidder to Design Jersey for One Match; Fans Encouraged to "Get Creative" -- Ask Her To Marry You, Tell Your Kids You Love Them, Promote Your Company, Bring Awareness to Your Cause, Etc.

Las Vegas (NV) -- That’s right.  Never-ever done before. We are putting the power of design into one fan’s hand as to what our players will wear for a match this season.

Do you want to put your child’s face on the jersey?  Do you want to tell your wife how much you love her? Do you want to promote a cause that’s near and dear to your heart?  Do you want to create something for your design resume? Or maybe you just want to become famous?!

The only rule is simple -- keep it within the realm of reasonableness (so the League Office doesn’t ban it!).   Basically, don’t be stupid or from Reno; otherwise, the team won’t take your money. (Sorry Reno fans -- all of your inevitable stupid ideas are banned!)

Fans are encouraged to go to to learn more and bid for the right to design the jersey to be worn by Lights FC for a match later this season.  All current Lights FC sponsor logos on the front and sleeve areas must remain on the jersey (e.g., Zappos on the chest and Jarritos & USL Championship on the sleeves). However, the back of the jersey may potentially include third-party sponsor logos above and below the players’ name & number locations.

“Believe it, folks.  The Most Interesting Team in America trusts its fans so much we’re giving you the power of the design -- so make us proud!,” said Lights FC Owner & C.E.O. Brett Lashbrook.  “We are the first team in sports history to design a different jersey for every home match so we can’t wait to see what the highest bidder designs!”

As previously announced, Lights FC will wear a different jersey during each 2020 Regular Season home match.  The first two designs were part of a fan design contest and featured bold confetti inspired designs from local 16-year old graphic design student Ryan Opelac from Southwest Career & Technical Academy.