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All types of designs, suggestions & inspirations being sought; New official Lights FC jersey to be worn on-field for 2020 USL Championship Season.


“Our fans are the best.  They helped design our official logo.  Now I want their help to design our new uniforms -- and I want to remain the most unique uniform design in pro soccer!” said Lights FC Owner & C.E.O. Brett Lashbrook.  “The only rule is be creative using our official colors of blue, yellow & pink. C’mon Lights fans, let’s see what ya got!”

The process is very simple.  Official “design templates” are available for download at  Fans may use it -- or simply provide their design inspiration files in any format by uploading the files (or simply taking a picture of a “doodle” they’ve drawn!).  Upon reviewing all design inspirations, Lights FC will work with the design team at BLK, which is its official jersey & apparel provider, to finalize and produce for next season.

All types of submissions will be accepted and reviewed (provided submissions from anyone under the age of 18 is accompanied by a parent or guardian signature).  The only rule is simple -- use official Lights FC colors of blue, yellow, pink & black in any way imaginable!